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Winter Wishlist

Day 7: Personalize Your Wine

What’s the best way to tell someone: I love you, I know you so well, now let’s drink? Sure, sure ..you could write it in a card but can anyone drink that card after they’re done reading it? I think not. And that brings us back to our original question. How do you show someone how well you know them AND get them an awesome present? Personalize your wine!

Now, I’ve done this in the past with a different company and typically you’re given two choices of wine to select from: red and white. Yeah..not a stellar selection, especially for those of us who actually like to drink wine. I was blown away when I stumbled onto personalwine.com and saw the pretty extensive selection they have to choose from in just selecting your wine. If you like Sparkling, they’ve got Dominio de Requena Cava, to La Marca Prosecco, all the the way to the big dog: Dom Perignon. If you fancy Cab, they’ve got Wildcatter from Howell Mountain, Jordan or Silver Oak from Alexander Valley, or Lokoya Mt. Veeder.  And if you’re looking for something a little more on the lighter side, they’ve got a Canyon Road Pinot Grigio from CA, Viva de los Andes Chardonnay from Chile, and Domaine Savoureux Sauv Blanc from Napa Valley. Don’t drink wine? They’ve even got Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider for you! Wait…why are you here…?

After you select your wine, pat yourself on the back and pour yourself a glass of something good. You’re half-way to making someone’s holiday very special. Go you. Don’t you hope someone gives you one of these too? Don’t worry, there’s always time to buy yourself one too.

Now it’s time…to personalize! You can either customize a label or have the bottle engraved. Engravings a little extra but come on, you’re fancy so show them you care! You can come up with your own template or save yourself some time and select one of theirs. I would recommend the latter – they’re pretty unique – and spend that extra time enjoying the bottle of wine in front of you. You deserve it. Job well done. You’ve got your holiday list under control.






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