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Winter Wish List

Day 4: Wine of the Month Club

The holidays are great. I mean let’s face it. Family, great food, shopping and our personal favorite: presents! I know what they say...it’s the thought the counts. But it’s not. It’s really the present. Plain and simple. And quite frankly, it is a bit of a contest. Doesn’t it feel good to give a GREAT gift? You don’t want to be like Aunt Mildred and give hangers every year, do you? No…no you don’t. So what’s the best gift you can give this holiday season? The gift that keeps on giving. Yep – just like that. No additional trips to the store. No more online shopping scouring over options on a tiny pixelated screen. No my friend. You are one and done with this. Pray tell, you ask?

Alright. Hold on to your socks. I give you – the wine of the month club! Your gift continues to arrive at your loved one’s doorstep month after month reminding them what an awesome person you are. Awww shucks. For those of you shaking your head in skepticism, thinking ‘that’s going to add up to be way too expensive’: you’re wrong. You can choose to have your fabulous gifts delivered every month, every other month or quarterly. They also have multiple options to choose what kind of wine you want delivered: their Classic series, California series, Vintners series, Limited Series and Cellar Series – of which, most of these provide yet another option of reds, whites or a combo. Am I the only one itching for a glass of wine at this point?

So..the big question…how do you know if it’s GOOD wine? This guy who runs the show over there tastes over 400 wines a month to make the club selections. I know…where do we sign up for this gig? Although I sure hope he’s not the same one packing the shipments over there… In any event, we know its good stuff. And if for some reason you don’t like it – you can call them and they’ll send you something you do like. Boom. Just like that. Don’t you wish more things in life were that easy? Me too. Time to schedule that wine of the month delivery, pour yourself a glass, and get to solving the world’s problems. All in day’s work my friend.


Wine of the Month Club




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