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Day 2: Break Resistant Glasses

Raise your hand if this has happened to you. You've got 5 friends coming over so you go into your cupboard to grab your 6 matching wine glasses to enjoy a delicious bottle of wine together. 1 -2 -3 -4 -5... what the hell happened to 6? Where is 6? You start looking around, muttering to yourself how someone else must have put it away in the wrong area, and begin to frantically fret. WHERE IS 6?? You stop short of filing a missing glass report and sit down and think. What happened to this glass? And then it all comes back to you. You either a) had way too much fun the last go-round and #6 took a spill and shattered after you began talking wildly with your hands (following a few glasses of wine) b) shoved it a little too close to another glass when it took a spin in the dishwasher; the other glass won that fight c) you were a little too overzealous with your last "cheers!" and #6 just couldn't handle being knocked around with the other glasses in the air d) you're still not sure how it happened...but you did find #6's remains in the garbage one day.  

However it happened, I assure you - we've all been there. And it's always a sad story. And that poor 6th person always has the small, sad wine glass typically reserved only for airport bars. No one wants to be that 6th person and this year and they don’t have to. We give you: the Schott Zwiesel Wine Glasses!

These puppies are extremely durable (read: will likely survive a party with you and your friends) and are chip, scratch and our personal favorite: break-resistant. (Though note - break-resistant is not the same as break "proof" so don't go dropping these things from the top of the 10th floor late one night. They will NOT survive). But for all of us who no longer want to be unhappily surprised by the shattering of a favorite friend from normal wear and tear...these are our answer. Using patented Tritan titanium technology (say that 3 times fast) these glasses are built to withstand the party fouls that we've come to expect with having a good time with our wine. Another bonus? They come in an array of variety-specific bowls tailored to any wine-tasting experience: Cabernet, Burgundy, Chardonnay, Bordeaux, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, champagne and more. Alright - time to check these bad boys out and cross off another name on your Christmas list.


Schott Zweisel




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