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Day 1: Wine Preservers

Let me set the scene for you. It's a Wednesday night. You just got home from work and let's face it, #winewednesday deserves a glass (or two) of wine to celebrate. You indulge yourself but rather than diving into the full bottle, you remember that real life exists and the responsibilities of tomorrow will come much earlier than this bottle lets on. So, you decide to save the remainder of it for another day - albeit one not very far away. How do you make sure your wine is saved safely? Now before I go on, I know what some of you are thinking. Leftover wine? What is that? You are wise beyond your years but alas not everyone can finish a bottle in one sitting and for those who wish to save their precious nectar, we give you: two options! Yes, that's right - two gifts in one. I know...there is excitement in the air! 

Before we jump into the options, let's talk about the reason we use wine preservers. Once a bottle of wine has been opened, it begins to oxidize due to a combination of heat and oxygen. This is a positive effect to start and is encouraged with use of a decanter (spoiler alert: the decanter may come up on our list further down the line) to open up the flavor and allow the wine to "breath."  The amount of breathing time depends upon the age of the wine - with younger wines needing a bit of a longer amount of time to open up. Overall, breathing time should span between 30 minutes to 2 hours. That said, if the wine is left out, its quality will begin to decrease and if left out long enough, will turn acidic as the wine begins to turn into vinegar. Now although I'm sure none of us would leave our wine out that long (some of you are still scratching your head over the feasibility of having wine leftover from an evening), the goal of the wine preservers is to slow down this process so that when you resume drinking your bottle of wine, the quality has not decreased and it tastes similar to the first night you opened it. 

Alright, now let's get into the goods! Starting with the first one, the traditional vacuum sealer. To use a vacuum wine saver, you place the vacuum wine stopper inside the wine bottle opening. The pump will extract air from the bottle, creating a vacuum inside the bottle and slowing down the rate of oxidation. Here's a good example of a vacuum wine saver: the OXO Steel Vacuum Wine Saver.

The OXO Steel Vacuum Wine Saver is available for purchase at Amazon

The second one is for all of you open to adventurous ideas. Hold on to your socks, I give you: Private Preserve.  After you drink a portion of your bottle of wine,  if you pop the cork back in, there is already oxygen trapped inside which will begin to age the contents of wine. The way Private Preserve works is by actually replacing the air in the bottle with a balance of three gases we naturally breathe in: carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon. Feel like a NASA engineer yet? Good because we're ready for lift off. You simply spray Private Preserve into the bottle, re-cork immediately and store upright. See - science isn't that complicated. You can check it out here:

Private Preserve is available for purchase here. (http://www.amazon.com/Private-Preserve-Wine-Preservation-Spray/dp/B0000DCS18

Bonus: these options are BOTH available for under 20 bucks - score!

And so...if you're anything like us, you've now got two new items added to your Winter Wishlist this year! And maybe we even scratched a few names off your list with these puppies. In any event, wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. Keep following us for more ideas for your wishlist...or your loved ones.





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