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Ronsel do Sil

Sacardebois, Parada de Sil, Orense, 32740 Spain
Region: Ribeira Sacra (+34) 685 877 740 http://www.ronseldosil.com/
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  • Year Established:
  • Winery Contact:
    María José Yravedra
  • Winemaker:
    María José Yravedra

About our winery:

This is a small wine cellar in an old winery, whose philosophy is based on enhancing the indigenous varietals by a careful artisan production.The objective of Ronsel do Sil is the making of high quality wines inside the Denominacion de Origen Ribeira Sacra. With this aim, cultivates two hectares of vineyards, part owned by us and part leased to local viticulturists. The totality of the land is harvested by hand in the steep bancales (old terraces built by the ancient Romans), characteristic of Ribeira Sacra. The varietals cultivated are: Mencía and Merenzao (red grapes); and Godello, Treixadura, Dona Branca (white grapes), used to produce young wines, some of them with brief aging, made in American and French oak barrels. Recently, a garden with plenty of different types of indigenous Galician varietals has been planted, located at the perimeter of our wine cellar on the banks of the Sil River.

Three things to love about us:

Ronsel do Sil pretends to leave its signature of passion and respect for Sustainable Landscaping and Wine Culture in Ribeira Sacra.

The vocation has, as a result, a wine that is symbol of nearness, respect and attachment to our land.
Respect for nature and an ecologically sustainable treatment of the vineyard.

· Enhancing and looking for the expressivity of the ind.igenous varietals ofRibeira Sacra.

- The identity of the soil and the vintage.

What makes us unique:

'Ronsel' means in Spanish "trail, track the boat Leaves when it sails through the water" .Our winery is unique, most importantly, because it was born and grows with the work of a three-generation family that gives an enriched perspective to the creation of our wine, and a guaranty that each member works with unmeasurable love and passion. At the same time, our state, located in the beautiful region of Ribeira Sacra, unites human and family history, nature, respect, architecture, mastership, design, landscape... that are reflected in each one of the wines.

Finally, our philosophy, based on natural, 'heroic' viticulture reflects a way of surrender towards nature which is poured into the glass every time one of our bottles is opened.

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  • Mencía



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