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Dog Point Vineyard

Blenheim, 797 New Renwick Road, 7272, New Zealand
Region: Marlborough, New Zealand 35728294 http://dogpoint.co.nz/
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  • Year Established:
  • Winery Contact:
  • Winemaker:
    Murray Cook and Matthew Sutherland

About our winery:

Located in Marlborough, New Zealand's premium wine growing region, Dog Point Vineyards produce wines that respect the natural integrity of the land from which they are made and, reflect the experience and passion of the people that make them.

Three things to love about us:

1. The name Dog Point was derived from pioneering shepherds whose dogs either wandered off or became lost. These dogs became a marauding pack that roamed the land where Dog Point Vineyard's were established.
2. The Ti Kouka or cabbage tree is native to New Zealand and is an enduring part of the Dog Point Vineyard's and landscape and has been incorporated as a visual motif on our wine labels.
3. There are only 4 styles of wine produced at Dog Point to focus on what Marlborough does best: Sauvignon Blanc, Section 94 (oak aged Sauvignon Blanc), Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

What makes us unique:

The name Dog Point dates back to the earliest European settlement of Marlborough and the introduction of sheep to the district. These were the days where, due to a lack of fences, boundary riders used boundary keeping dogs to protect the local flocks of sheep.

Shepherds' dogs sometimes became lost or wandered off, eventually breeding to form a marauding pack that attacked the same flocks they were meant to be protecting.

Eventually settlers were forced to cull the dogs and the area was named Dog Point.

These dogs lived on the tussock and scrub covered southern hills of Dog Point Vineyards. This landscape was, and still is, characterised by the iconic New Zealand native plant the Ti Kouka ‘cabbage’ tree which is also an established feature of the Dog Point property.

Our awards:

D is for Dog Point Vineyard, an emerging star in Marlborough founded by Ivan Sutherland and James Healy, who were both leading lights at iconic winery Cloudy Bay. Dog Point's complex, barrel- and lees- aged Section 94 Sauvignon Blanc is arguably one of the finest examples of this variety made in New Zealand (and hence in the world). The recently released Section 94 is the best yet, while its latest Chardonnay will set a new benchmark for the variety in Marlborough. And it doesn't make a half-bad pinot noir either.

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  • Hidden Gem
  • Dog Friendly
  • Family Run
  • Chardonnay
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pinot Noir
  • Organic
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