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Bernadette Miquel

Bernadette Miquel

Winemaker at Miquel Jane Winery

Barcelona, Spain

Number of Years in the Wine Business: 19

The link of two cousins, Antonio Jane Formosa and Josefa Pascual Formosa, gave rise to the driving force of the Bodega J. Miquel Jané, which today reaches the fourth generation embodied in Bernadette and Josep Miquel. 

The family initally purchased properties located in the Alt Penedès: Font-Rubí, El Vendrell, Vilafranca del Penedès, Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues and Avinyonet del Penedès. The family wine was originally produced in bulk and found a broad horizon in, the then, colonial Cuba. This was facilitated by the fact that another branch of the family owned the frigates that crossed the ocean. The painting of the frigate "Remedios Pascual Formosa", which is exhibited at the Maritime Museum in Barcelona, ​​gives a faithful testimony.

The civil war temporarily truncated the wine activity and the family suffered a long exile. Josep Miquel Jane, son of Antonia Jané, lead the wine production, which at the time was still destined for bulk. Things changed in 2002, when the winery launched their first bottled wines – an approach that is still embodied in the winery today.

The family has always had a strong female dynamic, as shown by Antonia Jané Pascual, the youngest of the three daughters of the founders, who enlarged the planting area by buying Cal Costas and Baltana Vella. She has also collected numerous awards in recognition for the excellent quality achieved in the wine.

The family’s strong female force is carried on by Bernadette Miquel Vacarisas, who now leads the activity, keeping the family heritage alive and destined for excellence.

I love my job because:

Because it gives me the chance to obtain better wines with every new vintage. That allows my family to achieve an excellent winery status and improves the lasting legacy of the winery.

I got the passion to become a winemaker from:

Winemaking has been in my family for 4 generations. It runs in my blood and it's a passion I hold near to my heart. 

My favorite wine is:

The wine that will surprise me next time.

Favorite wine to wind down with:

A red Miquel Jane, that continues to age with brilliance. 

If I could drink it with anyone I would drink it with, where and why:

With my father. He passed away 5 years ago and he was the person who helped me better understand my family - who we are, who we have become and the significance of wine within my family heritage.  

You'd be surprised to know that:

My great grandfather was the first exporter within our company. He was awarded with bringing wines overseas during the Barcelona universal exposition in 1888.

My favorite vintage is and why:

2002 - it allowed our white wines to thrive for years, almost as if time stood still. They still remain excellent with their aromas and acidity in optimal conditions. I hope to see this continue with other future vintages.

What I'm excited about this year’s vintage is:

This year we will introduce our very first sparking wine “Classic Penedes,” made with 100% Sauvignon Blanc. It is a very exciting time for us!

One thing I hope to accomplish in my life is / my biggest accomplishment is:

To grow our winery in both quality and quanity to improve the value and legacy that our children will continue to carry on for years to come.

During harvest, a day in my life is like:

It is all about first impressions and decision making. For example, when the must is pressed and put into the tanks, the first smell and taste is one that I won't forget as it sets in motion a series of next steps for a long day's work ahead. 

Favorite/Least cooperative grape to work with is:

My favorite is Sauvignon Blanc. For us, it comes from a very low production vine and was the grape that gave me the 'aha' moment and made me realize we can make a superb wine.


Biggest obstacle I’ve ever experienced in wine-making:

Harvest 2016. It was extremely hot and extremely dry. During the last maturity period, the acidity and sugars didn't change in any way. The vines were not able to carry any additional nutrients to the grapes. Our hands were tied - we couldn't do anything but wait. 




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