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Top 10 Reasons Why "Drink Wine Day" Is Your New Favorite Holiday

By Christie Kiley 

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Wine is culture.  Wine is history.  Wine is language.   Wine is the inspired love from the land and fruit that create it.  It can be found in hues of red, white, pink and every shade in between.  It is a liquid which not only contains the sometimes much-needed and craved dosage of alcohol after a long day or week, but it can be great for your health.  It contains anti-oxidants and over the last year, many have proclaimed that a glass of wine is equivalent to an hour at the gym!  

There are some of you out there--not pointing any fingers--who only drink wine on special occasions.  Really?  C’mon, by now I am sure there is at least one red wine out there you like that you spend no more than $12 on that you can have on Tuesday night with your hamburger!  Or the mid-week hump day glass o’ wine.  What about the I-procrastinated-up-until-my-deadline-to-write-my-article-so-I-need-some-liquid-inspiration?  Oh, I’m talking about myself.  

Regardless of these very good reasons to have wine, some of you are going to stick to the special occasion/holiday wine-having regiment.  Well, lucky for you, there’s one more official day of the year!  Mark it down and save the date because it’s coming up:  February 18th, the official ‘Drink Wine’ day!  

Why do I love this new holiday? Several reasons…but I’ll share with you my top 10:


10.  It’s another official day to drink and enjoy wine!  Duh!

Drink wine

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9.  Friends outside of my wine profession won’t have an excuse NOT to join me on a ‘work-night’ this year for a drink.

Friends outside of my wine profession won’t have an excuse NOT to join me on a ‘work-night’ this year for a drink.

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8.  An early toast to Spring’s arrival!

Early champagne toast to Spring's arrival

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7.  It’s a Leap Year!  Have a glass of wine.

Leap Year

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6.  18, or 1+8 adds up to 9 and that’s my favorite number.  Let’s drink to that!

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5.  As it’s such a little-known holiday as of yet, what a great excuse to skip work!  Call in sick!  Chances are, you’ll come in with a bit of a hangover the next day and your coworkers will be none the wiser.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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4.  The number 18 in China is a very good number to have one’s birthday, to have as the address of your home or a great day to start a business.  For the Chinese, 18 is associated with prosperity and success.  Celebrate yourself some future success and prosperity!

success fortune cookie

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3.  It was already mentioned that a glass of wine has been said to be equivalent to an hour’s worth of sweating it out at the gym.  Wine also has key antioxidants and stress reducers by nature.  These are obvious great qualities of wine which can contribute to a longer life, right?  Hebrews have a system in which they assign a ‘number value’ to words.  Their word for ‘life’ is ‘chai’ and it has a value of 18, which happens to be favorable to a long life.  Voila!  Or rather Vvala!  Find yourself some kosher wine or any wine!!

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2.  For all you people whose significant other forgot about Valentine’s Day, for all you singletons (think Bridget Jones) out there, for all those who might have been unfortunately dumped just before, during or post-Valentine’s Day… You can have another glass of wine to wash down your sorrows.  

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1.  Pinot Noir.  Cabernet Sauvignon.  Champagne.  Rose.  Syrah.  Sauvignon Blanc.  Viognier.  Riesling.  Chardonnay.  Merlot.  Prosecco.  Pinot Gris.  Gewurztraminer.  GSM-Blend.  Super Tuscan.  Chianti.  Cava.  There are some additional reasons to love ‘Drink Wine Day, February 18’, in case you actually needed more! Enjoy everyone…make me proud!

Lots of wine

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Cheers to our favorite day of the year! Happy National Drink Wine Day, everyone!





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