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Hooray for Rose!

10 Reasons Why We Love the Pink Stuff

10. You're Upgraded to Patriot Status Just for Drinking it in July. 

Next to the French, Americans are the #1 consumers of Rose in the world. Score!

9. It’s Perfect for Chillin’.

Now that we've moved into the summer months, dry reds can take a back seat to crisp, cold Roses. Chill them to 45-55 degrees and enjoy poolside, at a backyard BBQ or when you're playing hokey from work. (Hijacking a pa rade float is completely optional.)

8. It’s Perfect for Really Chillin'.

We’re talking frozen-style. It's hot outside, so cool of f with a boozy twist on a summer classic and create some Rose popsicles for your next outdoor bash or brunch party.

7. Pairs Well with “Free-Outdoor-Events-in-the-Park” Season.

Movies in the park. Music in the park. Hula hooping in the park. Whatever your "in-the-park" summer activity might be, pack some Rose to complement any cheese plates, fruit or charcuterie.

6. Actually, Rose Pairs Well with Any Food.

Roses are welcome on the dining table throughout all courses of your meal. Starting with melon-wrapped pro sciutto appetizers to seared scallops and all the way to sweet apertifs. You won't be disappointed with how Roses stand up to anything.

5. Rose Cuts through the Heat in Your Summer.

From the BBQ grills to spicy Chinese or Thai dishes, Rose will cut through any heat that you're dishing out --on top of keeping you cool in the dog days of summer.

4. Rose flatters your summer tan—no matter what color you are rocking.

Roses range in color from ruby red, pale pink to peachy. It's the one wine we can all look good with while drinking. This alone calls for a celebration.

3. Great Rose Comes from All Over the World.

Most of us think of Provence when it comes to Roses, but think outside of southeastern France. Tasty Roses are made from California Pinot Noir grapes, Spanish Tempranillo grapes, Malbecs and more.

2. It's Not Your Mom's White Zinfandel.

You know what we're talking about--the sticky sweet wine that your mom drinks with an ice cube in it. While roses share similar hues to blush wines, great roses have flavor profiles that are more on the dry side. Although dry, you'll still find cherry blossom and floral aromas alongside strawberry and airy citrus flavor profiles. Try out some drier Roses this summer,and you'll be golden.

1. Real Men Drink Rose.

Yes, it's a fact. The pinker the glass, the manlier the man. Drink up, my lords and ladies!






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