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What is the cost to register my winery on WhichWinery.com?
The use of our platform is free for wineries and wine enthusiasts. If you would like assistance with marketing and brand amplification, we offer a tiered marketing plan to meet your budget. Click HERE for more information.

Who is eligible to register on WhichWinery?
For general use of the site, registration is limited to Wineries across the globe. WhichWinery currently has 21,000+ wineries listed across 47 countries.
For Experiences, registration is available to any service provider within the wine industry, including:

   - Wineries
   - Hotels, B&Bs, etc.
   - Restaurants
   - Tour guides and operators

All registrations, wineries and service partners, are reviewed by the WhichWinery team to ensure each winery and service partner meet our applicable criteria.  

For non-wineries, WhichWinery will create a “Partner” page where your Experience page will be linked to your Partner page. This will provide more visibility to your company. We request that you add a link to your profile from your website.

How do I create an Experience on WhichWinery?
First, you must be a registered WhichWinery user to create an Experience (click here to Sign Up).

Experiences can be created using our Submission Form. Once we receive your submission, we will contact you to collaborate on the details. We also require 3 to 5 high-res photos to add to your Experiences page. We will not publish your page until you (or an authorized agent) approves it. Once approved, we will initiate marketing efforts to engage customers. All winery Experience pages will also be linked to the Winery profile page.

For non-wineries, WhichWinery will create a “partner” page where your Experience page will be linked to your Partner page. This will provide more visibility to your company.

Note: Currently, we are developing an end-to-end automated Experiences platform, which we will be rolling out in Q1 2018.

How many Experiences can I register?
You can add as many Experiences as you want. Please note that we will review all submissions to ensure they meet our approved criteria. Please use the same Submission Form to create additional Experiences. We will require your approval for each Experience before we publish the Experiences page.

Is there a WhichWinery service fee for an Experience?
Yes, WhichWinery applies a sliding scale fee ON TOP of your Experience cost. As a winery / service partner, there is no fee to you. WhichWinery fees are used for marketing and platform support. 

How are payments processed for Experiences?
WhichWinery processes customer payments using Square and requires 100% advanced payment. Once a customer completes payment, WhichWinery will retain the applicable service fee and process payment to the Winery or service Partner. Currently, payments will be made to Wineries and Partners the day before the Experience (subject to change). Payments can be made via PayPal, check or ACH.

How will I know when an Experience is booked?
Bookings will be manually processed by WhichWinery. Once a customer books an experience, the WhichWinery team will contact the Experience manager to coordinate the logistics and contact information of the customer.

How do I contact the customer?
Once the booking and payment transaction is complete you will receive the customer’s email and phone number so that you can contact them directly.

What is the cancellation policy for an Experience?
The Experience provider can provide the cancellation details in the Submission Form. WhichWinery will notify the Winery or Partner within 24 hours of knowledge. These details will then be posted on the consumer facing Experience page. Our default cancellation policy is as follows:

             Timeline                                                          Return

             15 days before the Experience                      100% 
             10 days before the Experience                      50%
               5 days before the Experience                      No return

Can I cancel an Experience?
The Experience provider shall not be permitted to cancel any customer booking except where such cancellation is necessary as a result of a Force Majeure Event. In such case, a full refund will be provided to the customer.


For additional questions not covered above, please contact us at booking@whichwinery.com



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